the 9th Yuan Ye Award International Competition for College Student

Sponsor: Yuan Ye Award International Competition Organizing Committee
Co-sponsor: International Association of Green Architecture and Residential Landscape, Asian Landscape Architecture Society
Organizer: China Landscape Architecture.COM, World Scape

Application Period: April 20, 2018-June 10, 2018
Files Submission: May 10, 2018-July 10, 2018
Electronic Voting: July 10, 2018-July 31
Expert Evaluation: July 2018-November 2018
Announcement of Awards: December, 2018 (The awards for curriculum design shall be publicized in September)
Awarding and Institutions Itinerant Exhibition: the first half of 2019

Competition Category:
Graduation Design: Landscape Planning, Landscape Design, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Architectural Design, and Environmental Art Design
Graduation Thesis: Landscape Planning & Design, Ecological Plants, Urban-rural Planning and Urban Design, Architecture Design.
Theme Competition:Ecological Rehabilitation and Urban Repairing (including Sponge Community, Green Infrastructure, etc.), Urban Renewal(including Cultural Landscape, Health Landscape, Urban Design, etc.), Beautiful Villages and Characteristic Towns (Neighborhood).
Course Design: the Juniors’ and Seniors’ course assignments(Excluding Graduation Design) of Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Urban-rural Planning, and Environmental Art Design(Interior Design, Sculpture & Sketches, Animation Design).

Contact Us:
QQ group for participating students: 527537719
QQ group for liaisons of colleges and universities: 255900300

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