The 2016”Yuan Ye Award” International Competition for College students

The 7th “Yuan Ye Award” International Competition for College Students is sponsored by Asian Landscape Architecture Society and the “Yuan Ye Award” International Competition Organizing Committee, and undertaken by CHLA website and WORLDSCAPE magazine.

The competition entries are separated into three categories: the graduation works, the graduation theses and the themed works. Each category consists of the undergraduate group and the the postgraduate group.

The graduation works include: planning works; design works.
The graduation theses include: planning&design theses; ecology&botany theses.
The themed works include: I. Landscape renewal of factories and mines; Ⅱ.Landscape planning&design of agricultural tourism; Ⅲ.Landscape planning&design of sponge communities; Ⅳ.Greenway landscape design.


Schedule of 2016 “Yuan Ye Award” International Competition for Students
Application: May 10th-June 10th, 2016
Submission: June 10th-July 10th, 2016
Expert review: July 10th-November, 2016
Results announcement: December, 2016
Awarding ceremony: after January 1th,2017
Itinerant exhibitions: after January 1th ,2017

Applicant qualifications

Students majoring in landscape architecture or related majors(such as gardening, urban plan, architecture, enviromentalart and so on) Appraisal issues
1) Appraisal
organization Every participant colleges should full in and seal Application Form for Colleges Participating in “Yuan Ye Award” International Competition, Recommendation Form for Organizing Committee Members of “Yuan Ye Award” International Competition (limited to 1 person), Recommendation Form for Review Committee Members of “Yuan Ye Award” International Competition (1-2 person respectively for projects and theses), Liaison Registration Form of “Yuan Ye Award” International Competition (limited to 1 person), etc. , and then send their scanned copies to the E-mail box of the Organizing Committee Secretariat ( for registration application. The candidates for the organizing committee members have to be (vice-) college presidents or (vice-) faculty directors. The candidates for the review committee members should be faculty directors and leaders above, professors or academic pacesetters. The organizing committee will determine the review committee from the candidates and announce the member list before the review stage.
2) Awards
1、Professional awards: In every category, there are the first prizes, the second prizes, the third prizes, the honorable mentions and monomial prizes.
2、Collective awards and the excellent instructors: The instructors of the first, second or monomial prizes-winning projects/theses will be awarded as excellent instructors. If having received the honor for three successive years, the instructors will be further given the Outstanding Contribution Awards. From the colleges which organize their own students for the competition, some will be selected and awarded as excellent organizations depending on how many projects and theses they have submitted, and some will be selected and awarded as Advanced Units of Landscape Architecture Education depending on how many projects and theses of theirs have won prizes.
3、Rewards: The winning students and instructors will be given certificates and prizes. The winning colleges will be given certificates ans award plaques. Besides, the winning students will get bonuses from the sponsoring enterprises.
4、The winning projects and theses will be published on WORLDSCAPE magazine by the “Yuan Ye Award” Competition Organizing Committee.
5、The first prize winners can join as member of Asian Landscape Architecture Society free of one-year membership fee. Other winning students will have priority to become member of Asian Landscape Architecture Society.

Three steps for participating in the Yuan Ye Award international competition for college students:

1.Please fill in the registration form (Annex 1) and then send it to the E-mail: (befor June 10th,2016)
2.Submit 2 pictures that are able to explain your design (Annex 2) to the E-mail: (befor July 20th,2016)
3.Congratulations on your successful registration.


Please send the exhibition application to the committee email before 10th June, . If the college wants to exhibit the winning works.

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