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2021-10-20 发布
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Every museum is a storyteller, relaying points of view in fields of human endeavour, arts, ideas and nature. The photographic art museum is a very interesting storyteller here as it deals both with a wide array of ideas through the various aspects of the media, and at the same time deals with the very real physical phenomena of Light as its medium.


The Concept for MOPAS is to work with Light as the main building material, creating an institution which is not defined by physical form but rather by how it interacts with Light, both natural and artificial.


滤光器The Filter


Being the last building in a row of formally expressive architecture, there is an opportunity to avoid form, and rather be an agent that act as a filter between the existing buildings which responds to and compliment these through shifting light conditions throughout the day and night. The filter dissolves the shape of building and becomes a landscape at ground to explore as one enters. The filter is made up of a forest of gently reflective columns, adopting the colours of light and reflecting the surroundings as these change with the light conditions.


建筑物 The Building


The building is a rational stack of volumes, containing the space for the various exhibition halls and the operational program. The stack is slightly shifted according to the program, creating exterior space with the opportunity of introducing controlled daylight into the exhibition areas at select points. The building is wrapped in prismatic glass, to enhance the blurring of the volume in interaction with the exterior forest of columns.




从黑暗到明亮 Dark to Light


The main circulation element is at the center of the building, a spiral staircase with an external light funnel in the middle. This creates a journey through the museum going from dark to light as one proceeds through the levels. At the lowest level, where the intensity of natural light is most modest, still images are on display. As the intensity oflight increases going up the building, the media evolves through motion pictures to digital and experimental content towards the end.


展厅 The Exhibitions


The exhibition halls are flexible column free “blank boxes” that can be adopted to a wide array of curatorial concepts. With the main vertical circulation in the middle, it is possible to operate the halls as one large continuous exhibition or as independent events. Each hall can easily be subdivided into smaller spaces or be combined.


运转机构 The Machine


The operational part of the museum is a rational stack towards the north. This contains deliveries, storage, set upareas, back of house program and circulation. At the last level, the exhibition area merges with the educational area, creating a stage for experimentation and interaction.

照明设计理念 Lighting Design Concept


The lighting is an integral part of the Architectural concept. In the exterior, light is used to activate the building at night, changing the state and appearance of the building in rhythm with the program. We have 3 main agents which singularly or in combination with each other alters the appearance and perception of the building from the subtle to the dramatic.


1. 垂直照明融入到柱群中,增强了屏幕的幻觉感,这是一个密集但可渗透的柱群。光线反射到闪亮的灯柱和镜面般的天花板,模糊了室内外的界限,将建筑隐藏在背后。柱状光是可编程的,可以改变强度和复杂程度。

Vertical lighting integrated into the columns enhances the illusion of the Screen, a dense yet permeable forest of columns. The light reflects off the shiny non- lit columns and mirror like ceiling, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside and hiding the building behind it. The column light is programmable and can alter in intensity and complexity.


2.进入柱群后,会出现一个3D LED光立方,为人们带来身临其境的光线和感知体验,焦点、景深、离焦和对焦。3D光立方可以用电影内容编程,从而制造焦点,增强吸引力。

Once you enter the forest of columns, an 3D LED cube appears and invites to an immersive experience of light and perception, a play of focal point, depth of field, out of -focus & in-focus. The 3D cube can be programmed with cinematic content, creating a focal point and attraction on its own.

3. 在U型玻璃幕墙背后,整合了LED媒体幕墙。这面LED媒体幕墙嵌入到博物馆的结构,背景和内容中。在入口上方第3层的东南侧,图像密度更大,像素更高,然后慢慢向两侧扩散得到像素化内容、色彩光辉,并缓慢移动。我们可设想使用该元素来反映博物馆的内容与展品。这也为艺术家展示他们最新作品提供了平台。有时候也会关注当地的天气,雨夜的云或刮风时的风暴。

A LED media façade is integrated behind the u-glass facade. It is embedded into the fabric, context and content of the museum. Denser and with more pixels to show imagery at the southeast side of level 3 above the entrance, then dispersing slowly to either side for pixelated content, a glow of colour and slow movement. We envisage this element to reflect the content and exhibits of the museum. It is also a platform for artists to show their latest work. Or at times also picking up on the local weather, clouds on a rainy night or storm when the wind is blowing.




The exterior lighting has the highest intensity at the southern façade, fading off towards the residential area to the north.


In the interior, light is used as the main orientation element and as a storyteller for the programming of the exhibitions. The central feature is the exterior light funnel in the middle of main circular stair. At daytime this creates a gradual transition of light intensity as one moves up the building. At night, it is lit from the outside by a grid of LED lights. This creates the possibility of both subtle lighting effects and artistic content as part of the exhibition.



The interior lighting for the public spaces and exhibitions is simple, practical and visually reduced with a focus on flexibility for curatorial interventions. Entering through the exterior forest of columns, the layout inside provides visual continuity with tubular type ceiling fixtures in clusters above breakout spaces and reception and simple downlights in general areas. The layout is similar to the exterior columns but is also aligns in one axis to a linear arrangement, to better blend with the exhibition lighting layout. The exhibition areas have a linear track and spot system for general lighting and as well as designated artwork spots for highlights to the art on the walls and for main focal points in the space.















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