the 12th Yuan Ye Award International Competition for College Student

Sponsor: Yuan Ye Award International Competition Organizing Committee
Co-sponsor: International Association of Green Architecture and Residential Landscape, Asian Landscape Architecture Society
Organizer: China Landscape Architecture.COM, World Scape

Application Period: April 20, 2021-June 10, 2021
Files Submission: May 10, 2021-July 10, 2021
Electronic Voting: July 10, 2021-July 31
Expert Evaluation: July 2021-November 2021
Announcement of Awards: December, 2021 (The awards for curriculum design shall be publicized in September)
Awarding and Institutions Itinerant Exhibition: the first half of 2022

Competition Category:
Graduation Design: Landscape Planning, Landscape Design, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Architectural Design, and Environmental Art Design
Graduation Thesis: Landscape Planning & Design, Ecological Plants, Urban-rural Planning and Urban Design.
Graduation Thesis:
(1) Future cities and green infrastructure. Including park cities, livable areas, smart Smart city, public space, children's space design, urban resilience planning, waterfront design and wetland Protection etc.
(2) Public space planning and design and healthy cities. Including healthy cities and healthy human settlements Concept-guided urban design, street design, public space design, micro-space design, etc. Small towns, healthy buildings, health and wellness landscapes, healing gardens, retirement communities, smart health and wellness topics Design
(3) Urban renewal and social governance. Including urban renewal, industrial heritage, urban design Planning, ecological restoration, historical building protection, brownfield landscape, community micro-renewal, street and lane space reform Construction, renovation of old communities, etc.
(4) Rural Revitalization and cultural tourism integration. It includes characteristic towns, theme towns and rural towns Leisure facilities, rural folk culture, rural health, theme park, rural living environment Rectification, etc
(5) Architecture and environment. Including future community life scene, natural architecture, landscape architecture Rural buildings, low-carbon buildings, intelligent buildings, environmental public facilities and sketches, etc.
(6) Environmental art and future life. Including interior design, public art, etc. and the future Life-related space environment design creativity.
Course Design: the Juniors’ and Seniors’ course assignments(Excluding Graduation Design) of Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Urban-rural Planning, and Environmental Art Design(Interior Design, Public art Design).

Contact Us:
QQ group for participating students: 933910111
QQ group for liaisons of colleges and universities: 255900300

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