In order to speed up the construction of Xi'an City, promote the landscape of the Xingfu Green Belt and the lighting design project, and to forge the Xingfu Green Belt into a landmark of Xi’an with reasonable layout, beautiful ecology, complete functions and regional characteristics, Xi’an City Xingfu Road Comprehensive Reconstruction Management Committee intends to collect landscape and lighting design proposals through the international competitions. It aims to build a demonstrative word first class city belt with strategic view, forward-looking vision, high standards and high quality, fully strengthened ecological environment, cultural environment and landscape environment, and to make the Xingfu Green Belt a key point functional area to serve the people.

Competition Background

As the largest municipal project, the largest greening project and all sectors recognized livelihood project in Xi'an since the founding of the People's Republic of China, Xingfu Green Belt project is also the largest underground space complex of the world and the largest city Green Belt construction project of China, whose total landscape greening project land area is 67.42Ha.


Hosts:Xi'an Xingfu Road Comprehensive Transformation Management Committee
Organizers:Xi'an Xingfu Road Development and Construction Co., Ltd.
China Construction Xi'an Xingfu Green Belt Construction Investment Co., Ltd.

About the Competition

Xingfu Green Belt is the extension of the east to west main axis of Xi’an City, adjacent to Qujiang in the south, connected to Chanba in the north, spans across the two administrative districts of Xincheng and Yanta, acting as the core green ecological zone of east part of the city. With 5.1 kilometers long and an average width of 200 meters, the planning area starts from Huaqing Road in the north, Xinxing South Road in the south, Xingfu Road in the east and Wanshou Road in the west. The total planned investment is about 20 billion yuan. The Xingfu Green Belt Project mainly includes underground space engineering, landscape greening project, common trench project, subway supporting project and municipal road project.


1. This competition will award honorary certificates and bonuses to the winners:
  The 1st Prize for one group,   Design Cost(Yuan):900,000 (including tax),  Bonus (Yuan):Signed a deepen design contract of 1.1 million RMB (including tax, this fee includes post-competition program deepening, and program integration optimization work, and needs to be confirmed by the organizer.)
  The 2nd Prize for one group,   Design Cost(Yuan):900,000 (including tax)  Bonus (Yuan):200,000 (including tax).
  The 3rd Prize for one group,   Design Cost(Yuan):900,000 (including tax)  Bonus (Yuan):100,000 (including tax).
  The 4th Prize for one group,   Design Cost(Yuan):900,000 (including tax)  Bonus (Yuan):honorary certificates.

2. Payment of bonuses and related fees
The prizes and design compensation fees for this competition are all paid in RMB. Any taxes arising from the awards and design compensation fees shall be paid by the participating institutions and shall provide Chinese domestic tax payment invoices in accordance with the requirements of the organizer.
If a foreign design agency is unable to use the account of the institution to collect RMB, it must sign a tripartite payment agreement with the organizer and authorize a legally independent legal person in the country to collect the money. The taxation fee incurred by the foreign design agency is the responsibility of the participating institution.

3.All expenses (including travel and accommodation expenses) for participating in the competition will be borne by the participating design agencies.

Primary Review Principal

1.The organizers will invite experts and scholars of the industry to form Jury Committee, to review all submission materials.
2. After comprehensive consideration of the overall strength of each submitted agencies, related performance, influence of major works, the situation of the main creative team, understanding of the project and design ideas, select four design agencies (hereinafter referred to as “entry agencies "), carry out the design of the project, and at the same time select two alternative participating agencies (should be ranked). If the first four finalists have exited the second stage competition, the alternate participating agencies will substitute in order.
3. After the finalists submit the final results, the submitted design results meet the requirements of the Technical Task Book and are evaluated as effective results by the expert review jury. Each design agency will receive a design cost fee of 900,000 RMB.
4.Design agencies that have signed up and met the qualification requirements, but have not been invited to design the concept plan, can submit a written application for the concept plan design within one week of the announcement. In addition to the design cost, they have the same opportunity to obtain the design bonus. Complete the integration task as required).

The Qualification Requirements for Participants

The solicitation requires the applicant to have the following qualifications, and the project team members should have the corresponding design capabilities:
1.This competition adopts the method of public registration. It must have a business license or business certificate that is legally registered and valid within the validity period, or a design license issued by the competent government department or industry association of the country (region) where it is located.
2. The project's chief designer should have experience in well-known international projects and have presided over the design experience of similar projects.
3.The planners who participate in this competition should be the registered personnel of the design company. The chief designer must directly participate in the whole process of the competition. The organizer will regard the actual implementation as the key competition evaluation index.
4.This project does not accept registration of individual and individual combinations.
5. The design agency that submitted the application shall provide the prequalification documents for the project according to the requirements of the competition solicitation.


January 10, 2019: Issuing a Solicitation Announcement and accepting submission;
January 18, 2019: Deadline for submission;
Around January 20, 2019: The finalists will be announced;
Around January 31, 2019: Project Q&A, on-site investigate, and the finalists starts to design;
February 28, 2019: Interim results report;
Around March 31, 2019: Final results review;
Early April 2019: Announcement of the final results.


Start: January 11, 2019
Deadline: 18:00pm, January 18, 2019
Email: Competition official website: CHLA.COM.CN (Download related information)

Intellectual Property Rights

All design awards for participation in this competition are owned by the design agency, but all design results participating in the competition will not be returned to the participating institutions after the review. The organizer has the right to use the reasonable elements of all submitted design results free of charge, including after the review, the results of the review will be announced and the design results will be presented, presented and evaluated through the media, professional magazines, professional books or other forms.


Host: Xi'an Xingfu Comprehensive Reconstruction Committee
Address: No.169 Hansen East Road, Xincheng District, Xi'an City
Postal code: 710043
Contact: Gu Zhen
Phone: 029-65677899

Organizer: CHLA.COM.CN
Address: 601, Jinjiye Building, No. 2, Shenggu Middle Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Contact: Ms. Zhou
Tel: 010-88360800/010-88364851